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Flyboy 15 / 15A
The Flyboy-15 trainer / sport flyer is a true ARF model. The model is an excellent trainer Either electric or glow engine power can be used to power the model depending on the modeler's preference.

This trainer is also quite acrobatic and can do loops and rolls with ease, it will also fly well in light wind conditions. It comes completely pre-built from balsa, plywood, and spruce; with film covering. Fuselage is prebuilt and film covered; ready for installation of prebuilt covered tail group, and landing gear. Wing is prebuilt and covered, ready for aileron servo installation.
Kits for Real Kit Builders

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Flyboy 15 / 15A ARF Kit:
Flyboy 15 model is rudder only; Flyboy 15A model is with ailerons
Kit comes with pushrods, control horns, clevises, landing gear, wheels, and additional hardware. An illustrated construction manual is supplied with the model. Model can be assembled in as little as 5 hours ready-to-fly. The model has a wingspan of 42 1/2", length of 32", and a 332 sq. inch wing area. Finished weight is 34 to 40 oz.

Recommended engine is a Speed 500/600 electric motor using a 7 or 8-cell 1300 mAh NiCd pack, or a .10-.15 displacement glow engine. Model requires a 3-4 channel radio, driving 2-4 servos.