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Radio Control Model Aircraft
Edge 540 -- 27.4%
This is a 27.4% (1/3.65, 80" wingspan) scale model of the aircraft. Model has a wide speed range, is very aerobatic but easy to handle, and has precise handling properties. Model is suitable for Sport Scale, IMAC Scale Aerobatics, and IMAA/QSAA events. It has a wing span of 80 inches and a 1104 square inch wing area.

Recommended engine size is 30 - 50 cc. Design utilizes a midship fuel tank location, pull-pull cable rudder, and span wise variable airfoil design for excellent low speed handling characteristics.
Model has plug on wing panels that utilize an aluminum tube spar with phenolic receiver tubes in wing and fuselage. Construction is balsa, plywood, and spruce and comes in at a weight of 14 1/4 to 15 1/2 pounds ready to fly. The plans come as three sheets, showing all details required to build the model. Also supplied with the plans are 52 black & white xeroxed photos of various construction details and building notes. Canopy, landing gear, epoxy glass cowl and wheel pants, and aluminum wing tube F/G receiver tube are available.

Model requires a four channel radio driving 6 servos.
The ready-to-cover version of the 80" Edge 540 is handcrafted in Puerto Rico from D&L Designs plans by Wilfredo Martinez.

ARC model comes with pre-assembled wing, tail and fuselage ready to cover,
and includes a phenolic reciever tube, cowl, moulded canopy, landing gear, wheels, and hardware.

All-Ready-to-Cover (ARC)

Kits for Real Kit Builders

Plan/WP price includes shipping. Call or EMAIL for ARC shipping costs.
Addtional Parts Required
Edge 540 Cowl
Edge Wheel Pants
Edge AL Wing Tube/
phenolic rcvr tube
Edge 540 Landing

80" Edge Plans Only:
80" Edge Wood Pack:
80" Edge 540 ARC Kit: